Our Solutions

City Grow Farm™

For growers of all skill levels to learn and grow in a safe, monitored community setting.

  • Grow your own high-quality cannabis
  • Learn from fellow growers and trained experts
  • Keep your home and family safe from harm
  • Gain confidence as you progress through your grow
  • Manage your own supply at far lower cost

City Grow Field™

For landlords and property managers who want to allow tenants to grow on premises.

  • Safe and simple alternative to in unit cultivation
  • Simplify insurance
  • Provide support for cannabis and gardening
  • Upsell / unique selling feature to tenants
  • Automation and remote management available

City Grow Garden™

For individual growers who want an at-home solution for high-quality self-growing.

  • A small appliance grows 1–4 plants
  • Monthly subscription includes nutrients
  • Grow as much or as little as you need
  • Harvest in as little as 8 weeks