City Grow Garden

Fully automated growing space for up to six plants

so simple to use

The City Grow Garden is a completely self-contained, automated growing appliance that can house up to 6 plants. Almost fully automated, you can manage your Garden from the easy to use App and leave your plants for up to 3 weeks! Grow year-round and save money with every harvest.

The App makes it easy

Choose the plant or strain you want to grow and the crowdsourced database gives it the ideal conditions to thrive. Open and close the door by activating the child-proof safety lock right from the App. Set your pH range to maintain optimal nutrient uptake. Manage simple tasks that you must perform periodically with helpful reminders. Set lights and calibrate sensors wherever you are in the world.


Easy Automation

Gain peace of mind knowing your plants are safe within the walls of the Garden. All aspects of growing are monitored by the App – that means you can leave your plants for up to 3 weeks!


Grow safe at home

Save time and money by not having to visit the store or dispensary. Grow up to 8 ounces of your very product in just 3 months without ever leaving your home!


Supplies delivered

Get your nutrients and replaceable parts delivered to your door whenever you need them. Order a 6 month refresh pack and never worry about the maintenance and upkeep.


Manage from the App

Make changes to your grow program from anywhere in the world! Relax and be confident that the Garden4 will adapt to your new schedule.

What’s in the box

  • Aeroponic Grow Chamber for 4-6 plants
  • 6 Grow Cubes
  • 6 Netcups
  • Black Dog Phytomax 200 LED grow light
  • Fans: 1) Extraction 2) Circulation
  • Fresh Water Reservoir
  • Fresh Water Pump
  • Aeroponic Irrigation Pump
  • Nutrient Mix Reservoir
  • Carbon Filter for odour removal
  • Sensors: 1) pH 2) EC sensor 3) Water Temperature 4) Air Temperature 5) Humidity 6) Light
  • Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients*
  • pH [+] and [-] dosing
  • Automated Door Lock
  • iPhone and Android App