City Grow Fields

The One-Stop Solution for Landlords, Condo Boards and Tenants

Built to Last,
Engineered for Profit

City Grow Fields provide landlords, property managers and condo boards a pre-built, money-making opportunity. Recover wasted space and give tenants the ability to cultivate on site.

Provide your tenants with an easy-to-use indoor grow space all year long. Up to 25 customers at a time are provided an ideal environment for growing vegetables, flowers and cannabis. Control tenant access, lights, and automated feeding all from the City Grow App.

Benefits of the City Grow Field Solution


No risk to other tenants


Low-maintenance and easy to manage


Additional Rental Income


Protect your property

Field of Dreams

Each unit is fully insulated and vapour sealed to ensure optimal climate. A dedicated mechanical/electrical area allows for simple routine maintenance in addition to a clean and spacious customer area. All the units require to function are standard electrical and plumbing hookups. A combination of carbon and HEPA filters are used to eliminate odour and contaminants. Individual grow spaces are constructed of heavy duty powder coated steel for durability and longevity. Industry-leading technology powers tenant access-control and grow automation.


Ready to Go

Get growing the same day as delivery! Fields arrive fully equipped with lighting, automation, climate control, grow cabinets, and much more!


Secure and

The technology augment steel containers keep the Field safe and secure. Our remote management provides real-time data of all the key components of the Field: air, water, humidity, and nutrients.



Our modular solution allows customers to start smaller and grow as their demand increases. Fields can be stacked high and/or wide to accommodate any available space.