Cannabis Grow Programs


Do you have your license?

We can only accept medical license holders at this time.

To obtain your license, please visit Health Canada’s website for more information.

We have three basic plans that aim to give you at least 4, 8 or 16 ounces of high-quality, organic cannabis at a great price.

Target Yield: 4-8 oz. (112g)

Small Grow

For licensees needing 1g per day
Grow Duration: 4 months
Cost/Gram: $4-$8


Target Yield: 8-16 oz.

Medium Grow

For licensees needing 2-3g per day
Grow Duration: 4 months
Approx. Cost/Gram: $3.50-7


Target Yield: 16-32 oz.

Large Grow

For licensees needing 4-5g per day
Grow Duration: 4 months
Approx. Cost/Gram: $3-$6


We help you get the medical cannabis you need.

We want to create a space where anyone can grow high-grade medical cannabis. If you have a medical cannabis license, you can grow in one of our facilities.

Grow with us in a secure, regulated environment.


Private growing space within our climate-controlled environment


Get support from master growers across the world


Add Automation for $69. Includes App support.

Grow from Anywhere

Control Your Grow via App. Monitor your plants remotely from your smart device. Leave your plans for up to 3 weeks. Automated Growing Systems start at just $69.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, please contact us. We will update this list as we receive requests from our members.

Do you comply with local laws?

Yes. Our programs are designed for the medical cannabis market and we are fully compliant with current medicinal cannabis laws. Each member has a private container that is individually leased and the legal plant limits are strictly enforced.

Can other members affect my harvest?

No. Each grow unit is climate controlled and positively pressured, meaning no air gets into the space unless it has been run through our advanced filtration systems.

Where do I get seeds/clones?

You must source your own seeds and/or clones from an approved medical distributor. We cannot provide seeds at this time.

In Ontario, the new OCS stores does not yet have seeds or clones available for sale. Please let them know via survey that you would like seeds to be available for sale.

To maintain our controlled growing environment, we must be mindful about what we bring into our facility. We prefer that you grow from seed, but if you choose to bring clones, all plants will be subject to inspection. It may require a short quarantine. Any live plants may only be supplied by a City Grow approved vendors to ensure that any insects, fungi, molds and mildews do not get introduced into our growing environment.

What can I grow?

At this time members must possess a medical license to grow cannabis. You can obtain one by visiting Health Canada’s website.

How many units can I rent at a time?

A member may only have one membership per household, and may only grow four plants at a time per current laws.

What lights and equipment do I need?

We handle all rental and setup of equipment as part of our monthly rental service. We include the lights, air filtration, soil and nutrients. All you do is water and grow!

Can you water my plants for me?

Sorry, no. We are not allowed into the unit for any reason. We cannot physically touch your plants or enter your private growing space except under very limited circumstances. We are working on a remote watering system that will allow you to water your plants at the tap of a finger.

Do you have outdoor grow programs?

No. Our programs are indoor-only due to the inherently chaotic nature of…nature.

What does a regular visit look like?

  1. You will be greeted and check in with one of our helpful staff, who will verify your membership and identity with a photo ID.
  2. Based on your current growing stage, we will provide you with the appropriate nutrients, watering amounts, and helpful advice tailored just for you.
  3. Head through the Prep Area and grab the amount of water you need and any other tools and supplies you’d like to bring with you.
  4. Tend to your plants according to your provided instructions.
  5. That’s it! Now you can hang out in our lounge area, attend an education session, or just head out!

What do I need to become a member?

To rent a unit, you will need:

  • Valid Government Photo ID (typically a driver’s license) – You must be 19+
  • A valid credit card for payment
  • A lock to secure your grow cabinet (available for sale in the lounge)

How do I get started?

  1. Reserve Your Space – Sign up Here
  2. Pick a Harvest Size based on your regular monthly consumption
  3. You bring in your seeds and we set them up in a cozy Seedling Cabinet for the first four weeks
  4. We set up the lights and climate system for the appropriately-sized grow cabinet based on your target yield.
  5. Grow your plants until it’s time for them to be harvested
  6. Store your finished product in a storage unit for maximum security

Are your grow cabinets climate controlled?

Yes, all of our grow cabinets are climate controlled to guarantee optimum temperature and humidity.

Can I bring a guest with me?

Yes. Please bring as many people as you like to hang out in our lounge, but in order to access the grow area they must be over the age of 19 and provide valid Government issued ID. You can bring a maximum of TWO guests at a time to the growing space.

Will you help me if I'm a first-time grower?

With our growing system, you can achieve great results on your first grow. To better serve our community we offer educational classes and step-by-step guidance at every stage.

Facility Overview


Come hang out in our friendly, open lounge area and be greeted by our cheerful staff. Meet fellow growers and share stories of success or attend an education session hosted by master growers.


After checking in you will be given supplies and instructions for what to do depending on where you are in your harvest. Our clean prep area has water for your plants and sinks for you to clean your tools.


Depending on your harvest stage, we use a climatized cabinet that is specially-designed for your plants. Cabinets are clean, bright, and keep your plants safe and private from all other growers.


Rent a small storage unit without light or power to dry, cure, or store your cannabis harvest.

Whether it’s your first harvest or your fiftieth, we will help you become the best grower you can be.