About Us

City Grow is a Canadian company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Founded in 2018, we exist to bring guidance and choice to the urban farming market. Our products and services are geared towards multi-tenant urban farming that can accommodate medical cannabis growers.

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Our Vision

Be the authority in personal cultivation education, products, and services globally

Promote health and safety for growers, their family, and the community

Build a community for growers in our open, bright, and inviting facilities

Make growing cannabis fun, easy and safe

Meet the Team

We are a disciplined team with extensive expertise and proven track record. We have access to large network of advisors.

Joshua Vautour

Visionary / Strategy

Serial entrepreneur with a proven track record for bring products to market, sales and raising capital.

Travis Gobeil

Creative / Marketing

15 years experience creating and launching global brands. His canny ability to express ideas with simplicity is invaluable.

Rick Patricio

Sales / Community

Over 20 years of Business Development experience in Technology, Rick has successfully lead Global Sales Teams working with Fortune based clients.