Urban Grow Spaces

Rental space, equipment, and expertise for growers of all levels.


Rent a
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Grow Anywhere.

We provide space, equipment and expertise to all levels of cultivators. All you need to do is plant your seeds and grow. Manage using an App.

We make it just add water simple.

The Safest Way to Grow

We provide multi-tenant agriculture using state-of-the-art technology and high-end growing solutions. We appeal to growers of all crops and all skill levels.

If you want to grow, come grow with us. 

What We Provide

We have eliminated all of the major obstacles to cultivating in an urban environment. We have done all the hard work of researching the equipment, tools and techniques so you can grow anywhere with confidence.

  • We provide and install the exact lamps you need for maximum yield and risk-free illumination
  • Automated Lighting Schedules and timelapse images to monitor your crop from your anywhere
  • Simple Watering and Nutrient schedules are easy to follow and all materials are provided for you
  • Climate-controlled environment regulates the temperature and humidity, maintaining the optimum growing conditions

Guarantee Your Success

The specialized equipment and expertise required to grow high-yield, high-quality crops in an urban setting has always been difficult to access. Until now.

We have made growing safe, fun and easy. We have streamlined the process and solved all of the difficult problems. All that is left is for your to sit back and enjoy the harvest.


Friendly Facilities

Attend meetups and education sessions and connect with other growers or just relax in our comfortable lounge.


Equipment & Supplies

Don’t worry about lights, ventilation, nutrients, even soil. We provide you with everything you need, ready to go.


Total Support

Never grow alone. Our staff will help you learn in person, by phone or email. Manage your plants using an App.

Our Facility, Your Community

Our friendly, open space has everything you need except the seeds.


Experts On Hand to Help

Our helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you every step of the way.


Easy to Follow Grow Schedule

We take the mystery out of cultivating cannabis week by week. It’s way less work than you think!


Technology at your Fingertips

Always know how your crop is performing. Monitor lights, humidity and temperature right from your phone.


Home Equipment Rental, Set-up

We make it just as easy to grow at home. Come talk to us about our simple and safe home solutions.

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